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for Iredell County Commissioner

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Candidate Jason A. Basinger

My name is Jason Basinger and I am committed to giving you a voice in decisions that are made for you in Iredell County.  I want to keep our taxes low, create an environment where new businesses want to come, and current business can prosper. 

Why am I running:  I see public service as a civic duty.  I want a more unified county where decisions are made for the good of the whole.  Our county must keep taxes low, while adequately supporting it's schools, law enforcement, emergency, and healthcare services.  I want to improve our current infrastructure and ensure we consider and manage growth.  I hope to be a voice and an ear for all constituents for budgetary concerns and financial accountability. I will encourage active citizen involvement in the opportunities that Iredell County will face in the coming years.

Why should voters choose me: I have a genuine interest in serving the citizens of Iredell county.   My views on stakeholder relationships are not pre-biased and I have no negative agendas.  I will use common sense, honesty, and business acumen when setting goals for the entire county.  I have lived in Iredell County for11 years, and with 4 young children I have a stake in it's future.